The goddess has your back


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The goddess has your back is the first book in the series Soul Star Sisters aimed at girls aged 9+ and for the inner child in all women.

A thought-provoking, inspiring and empowering fictional story, that contains tools and techniques to assist young girls to navigate life changes as they deal with their sensitivity, transition into adulthood.

A story of how living in the light means you have to face the shadow- your fears.

A story of how sensitivity, self-love and sisterhood are the keys to real strength.

A story of how healing yourself can ultimately help to heal our world.

This is my story. It is our mothers’ story, it is our daughters story. 

It is the story of the feminine.

Cali Roberts is on a losing streak at life. A misfit and outsider at twelve, she’s already been expelled from three schools and none of this is her fault. She has supernatural powers that she can neither understand nor control, not even against the bullies who call her a witch and threaten to get her thrown out of the new, elite private school she’s just moved to.

Cali who is half-white and half-black Caribbean is a sensitive girl, who believes her emotions and powers are a curse. They’ve already got her excluded from the mainstream, infuriated her stressed out mum and she’s feeling history is in danger of repeating itself.

Cali’s need to escape her complicated reality draws her into an online game where she is invited to join forces with the Goddess to heal and reconnect the world. Accepting her mission means she must overcome her fears if she is to travel to the underworld to meet the Dark Goddess. What Cali doesn’t realise is that her quest to find the key that will unlock her light power also ends up opening her ability to travel into other worlds and the family secret her mother has kept from her.

Cali moves between the worlds of reality and magic until she realizes that there is much more to the game than first appears.

Is Cali really up to facing the Dark Goddess as well as her own inner demons?

Is she really ready to step into her own power and bear the responsibility for healing seven generations?

Is she really ‘the one’ who will help the goddesses save the world?

In a world that is not all love and light, are you ready to rise up and join the soul star sisters to save the future of our planet?

This is a story for all the misfits, outsiders, rebels and change-makers out there to let you know that you are enough and you are never alone.

Come, join Cali and find your tribe