Priestess longline T Shirt


This is the perfect T Shirt for the modern day Priestess.

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Priestess longline t shirt – Divine Feminine Clothing

This is the perfect T Shirt for the modern day Priestess.

A priestess directly embodies divine feminine power. She is the magic maker, the spell caster, the dream weaver, the healer, the space holder, the seer.  She is the living representative and devoted servant of the Goddess.
Her life is rich in ritual; creating intention, devotion and sacredness to all she touches. Honouring the cycles of the moon and nature. Priestess is highly intuitive and uses practices like dancing, journaling, meditation, movement to access her own inner guidance. The modern day Priestess has a heightened ability to feel the emotions of others, her sensitivity is a gift that offers compassion to all she encounters.

This design features an Ankh – The Egyptian key of life that is said to symbolise the union of heaven & earth and hold the answers to all the mysteries of life.

How can you embody the Priestess archetype in your daily life?

This t shirt is a lovely soft stretchy material and a longer line cut. 95% Viscose 5%elastane
Black colour with gold print

Available in XS, S, M, L, XL

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XS, S, M, L, XL