This is my first post and I realise I am very late to the game but hey, I’m here now!

A creative soul in a corporate world

A blog to document my attempts to master the chaotic dance of caring for young children, a corporate career and creative outputs.

This is the first painting i have completed without a plan. Now that might not seem like a big deal but to an event manager who has a plan and a spreadsheet for pretty much every eventuality it was huge. So I let go, I played, I experimented and even though I was unsure where all this was going I just kept going and trusted it would become what it would.

The process felt at times a little awkward, but that was just anxiety from the corporate side, so I just carried on and actually found it enjoyable, surprising and energising. I’ve read many times about allowing creativity to just flow through you and perhaps this was my first glimpse!

Embrace who you are… You are already complete

Inspired by a dream in Barcelona (my spiritual and creative haven…Love that place!)

It symbolises the strength and support of past generations that flows through every cell of you calling for you to awaken to your true potential.

Be the change you wish to see! 

Jo Stevenson Creative Goddesses

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