One of my New Years intentions, yes note the intention not a resolution is to be more creative. Intentions I’ve been told are more like a gentle decisive nudge in a positive direction instead of the heavy expectant push of a resolution that can often see you hit rock bottom before January is out.

More creative in general but also specifically more creative in my corporate job, which is a pretty big challenge for me as I live in a world of one pagers, spreadsheets and acronyms. But I’ve been reading tons of theory about how what you put your focus on expands and I was keen to try this out. 

So I began to ask myself powerful questions, like how do I want to feel today? The answer was, engaged, inspired, energised, in the flow, playful. Then I began to find ways to tap into those feelings. For me it was to meditate on the train on my way to work (to help me feel connected, expansive and to know I am already enough) I put together a playlist of the most uplifting songs I could think of… (I love the sun by Sean Escoffrey made it in there and some Stevie Wonder) and I began to strut into the office, power ballads blasting out eardrums. Taking strong powerful steps that felt like they had a meaning, that felt excited to be creating my day.

The results were pretty impressive, energising team meetings, new connections out of the old familiar, new opportunities out of thin air and a real sense of Being the co-creator of my own life. I might not have made a full transition yet but for the simple act of asking a bunch of questions, intentionally thinking some thoughts, focusing on the positive and stomping to some good tunes.. Don’t you think it might be worth a try?

What are you putting up with in your life that’s not allowing you to fulfil your potential? What could you be focusing on instead? What do you really want to create with this life?

Answers please….

Jo Stevenson Creative Goddesses

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