Everyone seems to want to share their version of success and how to get it these days. Want to make 6 figures from your laptop? Run your own successful business? Be free to travel the world? Have the best body ever? I mean who wouldn’t want these results? But something about the promise of ‘getting’ you there always made me feel uneasy.

The way I see it is that everyone’s journey is unique, beautiful, sometimes scary and messy in it’s own special way. I love to hear people’s stories and I’ve always found the treasure is in the sharing of our journeys.  What we’re living, feeling, seeing, experiencing on a daily basis in the process of getting from where you are (but don’t want to be), to somewhere you dream of.

So I’m not going to make any wild claims of what I can do for you, when I know so well that within you is the wisdom and power to achieve all of your dreams.

But I will happily share, what has helped me on my own journey to reach a place of true co-creation, where I feel abundance, freedom, flow, ease, joy, bliss, love and connection on a daily basis.

Embrace. Embody. Empower 

These words came to me in meditation, when I had no idea how much they would totally transform my life. Each phase has been an adventure in it’s own right but to summarise here are some of the keys.

EMBRACE – There’s not much to do here other than be curious and receive everything you see or hear with a gentle, kind, open heart. No judgement, just love. 

Be interested and curious in you.

Explore your inner landscape – Who are you? and what is going on inside your head

Listened and observe your inner dialogue – What stories are you telling yourself?

Identify and witness your triggers

Face and name your fears

Allow yourself to dream big

Love and honour yourself right here, right now

EMBODY – Do whatever floats your boat to connect back to yourself. It’s different for everyone. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, walking, running, singing, spinning, dancing, writing, painting, playing.  

Tune in to your body and your desires

Feel your emotions

Connect back to your intuition

Follow your bliss

Commit to yourself

Give you, what you need

EMPOWER – Work through the chakras to balance the being and the doing and to activate your inner super powers 

Build your tribe, your foundations

Honour and express your sacred sexuality

Reclaim and stand in your power

Use the heart not the head to guide you

Speak your truth

Visualise your dream reality

Build your connection to source/higher self. Trust this and let it guide you

For me, some of the external results of this inner journey have been; ending an unsatisfying Corporate Career, manifesting an abundant redundancy, starting my own creative and healing business, rediscovering my creativity, power, connection and intuition and experiencing massive shifts in all my personal relationships.

Who knows where it could lead you? But then isn’t that the fun part!

Jo Stevenson Creative Goddesses

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