CURIOSITY – My thoughts are there as soon as I open my eyes. Correction – not my thoughts, they are thoughts and they are dark.

They tinge my awakening with a taste of tragedy, a sense of separation, a dashing of despondency. Then like someone stuck in quick sand I struggle to release their grip on me only to find the more I resist and deny them or try to cover them with enforced saccharine positivity the more they demand to be heard and felt.

Like a battle between light and dark before my foot has even touched the ground.

So today I allowed them out, I welcomed them home like the familiar friend they are. Instead of insisting they’ve outstayed their welcome I pulled up a chair. Instead of labelling, rushing to rationalise or forcing a fix I listened with a gentle curiosity and an open heart to what they need to teach me.

#curiosity #thoughts #dark #sadness #beyou #beyou #shadowwork #mentalhealth #awareness #lightwork #creativelycorporate #jostevensoncreative

Jo Stevenson Creative Goddesses

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