FEELING – I’m a strong feeler of feelings. It wasn’t until I was older I learned there was a name for it and there were others like me.

Empaths feel everything really intensely. Which gives us enormous capacity for compassion, but means we cry (a lot) at practically anything not that just touches ourselves, but our families, strangers and the collective.

This is wonderful when it comes to joy and bliss but harder when it comes to feeling pain and fear, confusion and doubt.

Sometimes I feel so deeply at the injustice in the world that it makes me want to fly away into a sky full of pink marshmallow clouds.

But while I’m here on the earth feeling helpless and small all I can do is to open my heart and love more fearlessly than ever before.

Send that to those that need it the most and pray in hope for healing and peace 🙏🏼

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Jo Stevenson Creative Goddesses

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