STEP – This morning I woke from some disturbed dream and was greeted with a huge pile of dog sick on the stairs.

After gagging, bleaching and scrubbing while giggling girls looked on. Got me thinking about steps. How I always felt I was somehow special and destined for something spectacular.

But with this brought a sense of constant craving and striving of having to keep stepping up and stepping out. But what happens when you miss a step, need to side step, get stepped on. Or simply feel too tired to take another step.

Is it all just a diversion from reality? We are sold a promise that if we just follow this book, this guru, this plan, this advice… step by step we will be guided to the next big thing, to our saviour, to another reality that doesn’t wake up and have to clean up dog sick. šŸ˜·Lol

Today I’ve told my head to do one! (It thinks too much) I’ve told my heart we’re going wondering and that there’s no particular destination in mind and no time we need to reach.

We’re just gonna go where the flow takes us.

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